Portrait of Jesse

Vital facts

  • Sign: Gemini
  • Eye color: Blue
  • Favorite food: Falafel

Jesse Cleary-Budge

All about me


Cat perched on a scratching post
Mia being watchful

I'm currently living in Lexington, KY, with my lovely cat Mia. I work as a freelance translator and am studying to become a freelance web developer through Team Treehouse.

In my freetime, I enjoy teaching yoga, marveling at nature and cooking vegan food.


Croissant on a public works box
Street art in Frankfurt, Germany

In the past, I studied in Monterey, CA, and lived in Frankfurt, Germany. I worked as an in-house German-English translator at a boutique translation company in Frankfurt.

Eventually, I moved to Washington DC, where I worked for the State Department as a project manager and German interpreter. I also worked with a team to facilitate the development of a cloud-computing solution on the ServiceNow platform.


Pink clouds in a parking lot
Sunset in Asheville, North Carolina

I'd like to strike a balance of taking on freelance web devel­opment and translation projects in the future. The freelance lifestyle affords me a lot of flexibility, which I use to give myself a lot of space and time for writing, self-reflection and community-building.

Another interest of mine is becoming a Spanish interpreter. My plan is to study abroad in Guatemala in 2021 and explore the possibility of serving as an interpreter in mental health settings.